How it Works

Delivering potent brightening ingredients into the skin VIC self-dissolving microneedles for radiant glow and translucent fairness. The innovative microstructure overcomes the skin diffusion limitations for optimum results that raise the bar for performance & safety.


    Pain-free microneedles permeate the stratum corneum (top skin layer).


    Microneedles dissolve within 2 hours releasing brightening ingredients.


    The appeareance of hyperpigmentation is lightened after 8 applications (over 4 weeks).

Our products are all scientifically formulated with one thing in mind: your skin’s health. Each and every product undergoes extensive testing to ensure it meets our quality and efficacy standards.


it’s in our name, Nature’s own microscopic messengers of renewal

Bioactive particles that occur naturally within our
cells. This powerful ingredient carries the potential to
transform your skin by delivering targeted, cell-to-cell communication.

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